Curonian Lagoon and Nemunas Delta

“The essence of adventure – be it relaxed, wild or romantic”, a true description of this region. Lithuania is a longed-for destination for manyboaters. The greatest attraction is the Curonian Spit, one of Europe’s dream landscapes. At 98 kilometres in length divided between Lithuania (52 kilometres) and Russia (46 kilometres), it is the longest dune in Europe, In 2000, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

On the eastern shore of the Curonian Lagoon lies the huge Nemunas Delta nature park with its many branches of the Nemunas, the largest river in Lithuania. The Nemunas Delta Regional Park can be reached from Nida via the Curonian Lagoon.

Boaters are rewarded in this area with an impressive natural landscape of heaths, meadows, oxbow lakes and lagoons.

Green land by the Baltic Sea
The lively port and university city of Klaipėda is Lithuania’s gateway to the Baltic Sea and the only harbour city in Lithuania. Boaters also start out from here when exploring the Curonian Spit via the Curonian Lagoon and the Nemunas Delta.

The Curonian Lagoon can be navigated with motor and sailing boats. The International Waterway is buoyed and has a maximum water depth of 1.8 metres.

In some places the water to the left and right of the buoyed fairway is very shallow. For this reason, it is also essential for motorboaters to pay attention when leaving the fairway.

Surrounded by water
In fact, the Klaipėda region is located on the E41 and E70 International Waterways. The 65.3 km of the E41 waterway with the Atmata estuary, on the border with Russia, runs along the Curonian Lagoon.

Around 43 kilometres of the E70 International Waterway, which leads from Rotterdam to Klaipėda, are located on the Curonian Lagoon. What’s more, if it were easier to cross the border to Russia, you could cross the Curonian Lagoon to Kaliningrad. this This is currently only possible for boats sailing under ithuanian or Russian flags.

From the 2019 season, however, these waterways will also be open to international boats.