Bornholm Culinary Route

Day 1: Svaneke – Melsted / 8 sm

Svaneke, the most beautiful fishing village in Denmark, dates back to the 13th century.

A good place to start a culinary tour in Svaneke is the B’s Fiskevaerksted restaurant which is right in the village’s harbour. Everything here revolves around fresh fish caught in a sustainable manner; preferably from Bornholm’s own waters. A good view is included in the price.

Our tour leads along the east coast to the north. The small harbour in Melsted is well protected. East of the harbour, on a beautiful sandy beach, is the Melsted Badehotel. The walk from the harbour is about 10 minutes along the beach.

Day 2: Melsted – Christiansø / 9.5 sm

Depending on the wind conditions, Christiansø can be approached from the north or south, on either side of the swing bridge. There are mooring facilities on both sides of the pedestrian swing bridge. On the north side, there are jetties with a stern buoy. There is a small harbour on the south side in Frederiksö, where there is a swell and current with south-westerly winds.

After mooring, you can reward yourself with a visit to the Christiansø Kro restaurant. The sensational view of the sea from the terrace and the delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients will really round off the trip to Christiansø.

Day 3: Christiansø – Tejn Havn / 12,7 sm

Reaching the harbour at Tejn is easy in all wind conditions. The highlight of Tejn is the Stammershalle Badehotel. It is both a hotel and restaurant with a beautiful ambience and an excellent kitchen and views of the Baltic Sea from the outdoor terrace. There is a brand-new private jetty below the hotel for its visitors. It is located a little south of the Tejn’s harbour (55°23,9‘8,36‘‘ 14°86,7’75,7‘‘). Beware of wind from the northeast, as there is absolutely no protection here!

Day 4: Tejn – Vang 8,4 sm

The harbour at Vang lies on a steep coast and consists of a total of three well-protected harbour basins. Above the harbour, there is a small summer shop called Bixen, which is run on a voluntary basis and is also happy to provide food on request.

Getting to the Le Port gourmet restaurant requires climbing a steep staircase. From the terrace, you are rewarded with a magnificent view over the Baltic Sea. The kitchen is dedicated to the merger of classic Danish and French cuisine. One of the most unforgettable experiences of your trip will be an excellent dinner with a view of the sunset from here.

Day 5: Vang – Hasle / 4,6 sm

The interesting silhouette of the Hasle Havn marina, there as a result of the swimming pool, makes the yacht club one of Bornholm’s attractions even beyond its borders.

On the culinary side, Hasle has something truly rustic to offer: the smokehouse in Hasle, the Hasle Røgeri, shows true character. What does it take to turn fresh herring into a smoked delicacy? It’s best to use alder wood and allow five hours for the herring to cure. You can then try the freshly smoked fish right away, order it online or take a tour to find out how a smokehouse works.

Day 6: Vang – Hasle / 4,6 sm

In the summer of 2016, the Kadeau Bornholm restaurant above the Vester Sømarken beach in the south of Bornholm received a Michelin star. A second star should, however, also be given to the operators for its great location directly above the beach.

To get to the restaurant by boat with a walk on the beach (approx. 1 km) included, it is a good idea to moor at the small pier at Bakkerne.

Please be aware that the maximum water depth is indicated as being just 1 metre making this unsuitable for large boats and even more so if there is a strong wind blowing over the water. In this case, it’s better to call at Bornholm’s next southeastern harbour in Snogebæk.

Day 7: Vang – Hasle / 4,6 sm

Snogebæk has a Caribbean feel to it. The village is framed by miles of white, sandy beaches. The small harbour is well protected by two offshore reefs, which are supposed to prevent the harbour from silting up.

This place has also given rise to a pearl of upmarket gastronomy. From the harbour, it is a ten minute walk to the Æblehaven restaurant. A mix of Danish and Thai traditional cuisine forms the basis of the upmarket culinary art on offer here.

Day 8: Vang – Hasle / 4,6 sm

Close to the centre and with a large selection of berths, the protected fishing harbour on the east side of Bornholm, which is extended by a marina and is the largest on Bornholm, presents itself. It’s no wonder that the gourmet fish restaurant, Molen (Danish for ‘mill’) has settled right in the harbour at the end of the pier.

This means that watching the exciting harbour hustle and bustle is included in the price. The dishes are all made from fresh ingredients. The harbour can also be entered safely even in the event of strong easterly winds. The harbour may close in the presence of strong currents.

Day 9: Vang – Hasle / 4,6 sm

Why not take a look at the Svanen shipwreck in Svaneke? With a length of 180 feet, it is the largest wooden ship ever built on Bornholm and it has been lovingly restored.

At the end of the trip, there should still be time to visit the Lakrids liquorice manufacturer or to tickle your tastebuds in the Svaneke smokehouse, or the bakery Svaneke Brød where bread is baked with Bornholm flour.

The Svaneke Brewery could also prove to be the crowning glory of the tour.