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Marina Yachtzentrum
Greifswald GmbH
Salinenstraße 22
17489 Greifswald

The Hanseatic and university town lies on the Greifswalder Bodden, on the banks of the River Ryck. The Greifswald Yacht Centre near the old town and opposite the Greifswald museum harbour, has turned out to be a hotspot for charter companies. The Hanse yachts are built next door and both motor and sailing boats in all sizes are offered by various charter companies and agencies (see attached list). Greifswald is ideal for sailing trips to Rügen, Bornholm or the Polish Baltic Sea coast. In order to reach the Greifswald Bodden, the wooden lifting bridge, which is still manually operated, has to be passed in Wieck, a district of Greifswald.

Coming from the south (Berlin) on the A20, exit at Gützkow, then take the B111 to Greifswald-Süd, the B109 left in the direction of Stralsund and onwards on the B105 in the direction of Greifswald/Fähre (Ferry) , then left on Ladebower Chaussee and, (watch out!) turn right into Werftstraße and then follow the signs.

For loading and unloading in the immediate vicinity of the berths. Otherwise, sufficient parking spaces are available for a fee.

Regular train connections from Berlin and Hamburg to Greifswald.

The nearest ferry ports are Sassnitz–Mukran und Rostock. They have good car ferry connections to Sweden and Denmark (Gedser–Rostock, Trelleborg–Rostock, Trelleborg Sassnitz). You can get from these ports to Greifswald by bus/train or by car.

The nearest airports are Rostock-Laage, Heringsdorf, Hamburg and Berlin-Tegel or Berlin-Schönefeld. From the airports, there are good connections to Greifswald either by train or long-distance bus.

For fans of organic products, there is the organic food shop close to the harbour and the corresponding beverage shop, Zisch. Near Greifswald, in Neunkirchen (3 km away), there is a shopping centre with some supermarkets, where you can find everything you need for a charter trip.

The Market Square of the University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald, Pomeranian State Museum, Wieck with its wooden bascule bridge, Greifswald Historical Harbour Museum.