Bornholm“We call our island the ‘Pearl of the Baltic’. A 140 km fascinatingly varied coastline and many harbours ensure a postcard-like atmosphere. Bornholm is more than an idyllic stopping point for boaters travelling between Sweden,  Germany, Poland or Lithuania. Sailors are excited about the possibilities that exist both at and away from the harbours and beaches. Whether culture, food, sports or nature – the choice is unlimited and first class. Just one example: the restaurant ‘Kadeau’ has been awarded a Michelin star and attracts guests from all over the world. Maybe you, too, one day soon?” Jakob Jensen, Harbour Coordinator of Bornholm Regional Municipality

Denmark’s easternmost group of islands lies 48 nautical miles northeast of Rügen, between the Swedish province of Skåne and Poland. About 40,000 people inhabit the 590 square kilometers of unique and epic landscape. Whereas the South entices bathers with beautiful white sandy beaches, the island’s north is marked by deeply cut, canyonlike valleys and steep and rocky coasts plunging directly into the sea. The highest cliffs are more than 40 meters above sea level. For hikers, cyclists, horse riders and golfers, as for sailors, Bornholm is a paradise. Culture enthusiasts would surely be pleased to visit the many museums and craft workshops, and foodies can delight in the culinary range of the star-awarded gourmet restaurants, including a wide range of local produce.

Highlights of the region:
• More than 20 harbours along the coast of Bornholm, many located directly in towns or villages
• Hammershus – the largest castle ruins complex in Northern Europe, located close to the port of Hammerhavn
• Four round churches and a large variety of interesting historic sights
• Gourmet dining along the coast line or at Kadeau, which has a Michelin star.
• Cliff jumping