Klaipeda region

Roadtrip Baltikum“We have to confess that we were hiding many secrets from you – we are not so wild and inaccessible. Our waters are safe; and well-developed infrastructure is ready for your convenience. We do not want to brag but having Blue flag beaches full of fine white sand, Eastern Prussian architecture in the entire region, the most intensive section of the Baltic Migration Road (Baltic Flyway), densely spaced harbours and marinas in the Curonian lagoon, opportunities and conditions favourable to fishing all year long and hospitable communities organising various traditional events in the whole Klaipėda region helps to make an easy decision – Worth a visit! Any time of the year, any weather, in any mood, on your own or with the crowd – this is a perfect place to be. Essence of adventure – cordial, wild or romantic, we have it all!” Vytautas Grubliauskas, President of Association “Klaipėda Region”, Mayor of Klaipėda City.

Nature has awarded this land with unique landscapes: the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon, inland waters, nature reserves of regional and national parks, beaches and resorts which attract high flows of tourists each year.

The region’s highlight is the Curonian Split. It was listed as UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in 2000 and stretches out more than 100 kilometres along the peninsula, along the dunes that rise up to more than 60 metres, over to Russia. On the eastern shore of the Curonian lagoon, the river Neman forms a delta. This unique ecosystem and its special lands are protected by the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. The 29,000-hectare nature reserve comprises moors, reed beds and meadows, lagoons and oxbow lakes and forms a unique habitat for wild animals and plants. The entire region was declared an important breeding area for birds and significant layover for migrating birds and is under special protection.

The vivid port and university city Klaipėda is Lithuania’s gate to the Baltic Sea. The last weekend in July, during the  Klaipėda Sea Festival, or in June, during the Jazz Festival, the whole city is even more hustling and bustling than usual.

Highlights of the region
• Klaipėda (Memel) with its Jazz and Sea Festivals
• Nida (Nidden), house of Thomas Mann
• UNESCO World Heritage Site Curonian Split and Curonian Lagoon (incl. the tallest sand dunes in Europe)
• Ventes Ragas Ornithological Station
• Traditional boats of the Curonian Spit region
• Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium – largest maritime museum in the Baltic region
• Palanga Amber Museum and amber galleries
• Traditional festivals of Ancient (Pagans’) Baltic Culture