Zachodniopomorskie“The harbours along the Szczecin Lagoon bring together what many boaters desire for their holidays. On the one
hand, small harbours and friendly locals create a hospitable atmosphere with their personal and excellent service. On the other hand, the infrastructure in Western Pomerania is well developed, and suits the needs of the travellers. That way, all needs are catered to. With this comprehensive offer, we hope to attract particularly charter boats to our unique landscape. Apart from that, more boaters would allow us to enhance the infrastructure in the coastal areas and the marinas.” Zbigniew Jagniątkowski, President of West Pomeranian Sailing Route

From the Lower Odra River to the Szczecin Lagoon and on to the town of Darłowo on the Baltic coast of Zachodniopomorskie (West Pomerania), boaters and water sports enthusiasts find optimal conditions. The harbours are picturesque, the landscape nearly untouched and the regions are excitingly distinct. Boaters can explore the riverine landscape around the Jezioro Dąbie (Dąbie Lake) with its many islands and tributaries. The vast Zalew Szczeciński (Szczecin Lagoon), the second biggest lagoon on the Baltic Sea in the estuary area of the Odra river, attracts anglers and motorboaters. Only a few miles away, the Baltic coast offers the best conditions for sailors.

From Berlin, the route over the Havel-Oder waterway to Zachodniopomorskie is short and passes the Odra river, it’s onwards to Szczecin and then further along the Odra river to Szczecin Lagoon. From there, one can either travel in the west over the Swine (via Świnoujście), or in the east over the Dziwna and the Zalew Kamieński (Kamieński Lagoon). The final destination is always the same: the Baltic Sea with its coast boasting new yacht harbours like Kołobrzeg and Darłowo, which are perfect and comfortable stop overs to the Gulf of Gdańsk or towards Bornholm.

The highlights of the region:
• Szczecin with its new Philharmonic hall
• Świnoujście
• Kołobrzeg
• Międzyzdroje
• Darłowo
• West Pomeranian Sailing Route
• The Viking village of Wolin
• Dąbie Lake (Jezioro Dąbie)