Half time for the SOUTH COAST BALTIC project

On 16 and 17 May 2018, the partners of the SOUTH COAST BALTIC marketing initiative met in Kąty Rybackie in Pomorskie region / Poland to review the results of the promotion measures so far and to set priorities for the remaining duration of the SOUTH COAST BALTIC project, in which framework the campaign is supported by the EU.

The trade-fair appearances at the “boot” in Düsseldorf, the “Allt för sjön” in Stockholm and the “Wiatr I Woda” in Warsaw were particularly successful. All the partners agreed on that. “The concept of positioning oneself under the SOUTH COAST BALTIC umbrella brand works for everyone. If it was previously individual regions that were known and requested by visitors, now step by step the awareness and recognition of the umbrella brand is gaining ground,” says Jens Masuch, project coordinator of SOUTH COAST BALTIC. The partners at the SOUTH COAST BALTIC stand received consistently positive feedback on the information material: the SOUTH COAST BALTIC Harbour Guide 2018 was out of print just eight weeks after its publication.

The main focus of the remaining project duration is on the development of charter brochures for motor and sailing boats and a comprehensive charter portal in order to achieve a strong online presence. The trade fair activities in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark will also be continued.

For the development of a high-quality destination for boaters, training of the marina personnel and the expansion of services in the harbours remain on the agenda.

The aim is to continuously increase the number of guest boaters in the region and to stabilize their numbers on a higher level.

Knowledge helps

Where is Kąty Rybackie? This question was asked by some of the partners until they learned during a short study trip that this is a small village with 707 inhabitants at the foot of the Vistula Spit, between Vistula Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. The meeting of the partners also took place there.

Pine forests, the long fine sandy Baltic Sea beach and a unique nature along the Pętla Żuławska boating region in the Vistula Delta are the attractions for many tourists.

The port of Rybina was the starting point to get a first impression of the canal and river landscapes of this area by boat. Birds breed on the shores, a few boats swing on sleepy jetties, fishermen stand on bascule bridges and otherwise a motorboat chugs past from time to time. This area could also be described as undiscovered. At least with the German motorboat drivers. So there is still a lot to discover.