SOUTH COAST BALTIC meets Spandauer Yacht-Club in Berlin

On February 23, 2018, the marketing initiative SOUTH COAST BALTIC presented itself to the Spandau Yacht Club in Berlin. Jens Masuch, the project coordinator of South Coast Baltic and Irena Obstawska, the representative for the North East Marina and West Pomerania from Szczecin, arrived specially to the Havel. Irena presented the new NorthEast Marina in Szczecin and was able to answer many questions about the local infrastructure and she explained the regulations of the shooting areas along the polish coast. Traditionally, the cruise boaters meeting of the club takes place in Szczecin.

The Spandau Yacht Club has 330 members and has existed for 125 years. He is one of the oldest in Germany. But the promotion of young talent is one of the main focuses of the association, despite its age. Just like cruising.

The SOUTH COAST BALTIC Boating Rally is likely to have found new fans in Spandau. In any case, Jens Masuch was able to take away the fears of customs regulations from sailors. He also described how easy it is to check in and out in Kaliningrad, Russia, and to apply for a visa in advance. This year, many could enter even without a visa, says Masuch. During the FIFA World Cup, foreigners with world championship tickets will have to comply with a so-called fan ID. The club members were also particularly fascinated by pictures of the breathtaking Memeldeltas in the Klaipėda region.